Pre-roll concept created for Google USA. This involved a potentially endless living scene within the YouTube pre-roll mechanism that literally beckons the viewer to take action.

Director/Co-writer: Lachlan Dickie
Production Co: Warren
Producer: Toby Webster
Cinematographer: Campbell Brown
Art Director: Sophie Fletcher
Wardrobe: Alicia Clements / Rosie Hodge
Sound design: Mitchell Dickie
Agency: Abel


‘Harnessing the interactivity behind preroll ads, this projects repositions the YouTube interface as a window into a tangible alternative reality. From a god-like perspective, viewers find themselves looking down upon an absurd scenario, confronted with the responsibility of rescuing our seemingly trapped protagonist from an existential crisis. As the sole sentient character within each of these hopeless and dinner-less scenarios, the main character pleads directly to the viewer, possibly forever - until you take action to interact and alter the situation.'